CTE Member Wink Loc On Meeting Young Jeezy Through Twitter

AllHipHop Staff

(AllHipHop News) With his group set to release the upcoming It's The World album, all eyes are on Young Jeezy right now, who also recently signed Philadelphia native Tone Trump.

New Yorker Wink Loc has also recently been brought onto the CTE scene, and during the "Thug Motivation" tour, Wink took a moment to detail meeting with the Hip-Hop heavyweight, Young Jeezy, through the tool of social media.

"That's a funny story," Wink Loc told AllHipHop.com in a recent interview. "Through Twitter - a lot of people won't believe that he was supposed to do a show in Brooklyn, and a lot of people were tweeting him, telling him I had to open up for him. Jeezy;s manager hit me on Twitter like, 'You're not opening up, but you can send me some music.'"

After sending the music, Wink Loc says Young Jeezy's manager reached back saying, "We are not going to say you can open up for us, but we can link." Then, Wink Loc was flown to Miami and introduced to the family, and all the dots were connected.

About his upcoming mixtape, Wink Loc said, "Right now, I'm working on my project, Blue Steel .38 Special. You know I'm going to have all my brothers on there; this is a little different from my last two projects, Locomotive 1 & 2. Same concept, just more in tune with other people. Just working, working, working. I guess we all gearing up for the It's the World album."

Watch AllHipHop.com's full interview with CTE's Wink Loc below:

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