Cypress Hill Hit With Lawsuit Over 2004 Show

Rap group Cypress

Hill has been hit with a lawsuit from music promoters Wavecrest Media in Davidson

County Court in Nashville, Tennessee. The

lawsuit claims that the rappers refuse to return a $150,000 deposit, after a 2004

September 19 performance that was canceled because of Hurricane Ivan. The

chart-topping West coast rap group was booked to play at the Tennessee State Fair,

along with Petey Pablo, Alien Ant Farm and Apex Theory. The

category 5 hurricane touched down in the United States on September 16 and was

the strongest hurricane of the 2004 season. The

hurricane dumped heavy rains across much of the Southeastern portion of the United

States, including Tennessee, which received over 12 inches of rain in various

parts of the state.According

to reports, Wavecrest was also going to shoot the concert for a future DVD. Representatives

for Cypress Hill could not be reaches as of press time.