Cypress Hill Not Welcomed In San Bernardino

The Mayor of San Bernardino

is once again criticizing rap music, this time targeting Cypress Hill and their

popular SmokeOut, an annual festival the group organizes.

According to a

report in South California's Press Enterprise, police declared the festival

a "crime magnet" and the Mayor Judith Valles said the show was not


Of the 55,000 people

that attended the last SmokeOut held at the National Orange Show Events in 2000,

just over 20 people were arrested, most for minor infractions.

The opposition

seems to be based on several shows over the course of three years, in which

two people were killed and several were injured in the city after violence erupted

at various raves and hip-hop parties, including a show by Bow Wow where hundreds

of screaming fans rushed the stage.

Mayor Valles barred

all parties and concerts from city owned property between the hours of 1 and

6 A.M. The police cited the SmokeOut arrests and vandalism in the form of graffiti.

"At concerts

there are always going to be minor arrests, but people who come to SmokeOut

are mellow," B-Real told the Press Enterprise "It's not about shoving

the pro-pot message down people's throats. This is about music and having a

good time, and the Mayor is giving a lot of people the wrong message."

Lt. Mark Emoto

of the San Bernardino Police said Cypress Hill's message is not the type they

wish to spread.

And while Kelli

Cluque, the program director at X103.9 disagrees with the police chief about

Cypress Hill's message, she did add that most hip-hop music promotes violence.

"It means

trouble, weapons, guns," Cluque said. "We don't play it."

In related news,

Cypress Hill is preparing a new album scheduled for a February release date.

The album is titled The Green Album and will feature Sen Dogg, Muggs, Bobo and