D-12 Lends Likeness To 'Crime Life: Gang Wars'

D12 now joins the

likes of Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Xzibit and countless other Hip-Hop artists, by

lending their likeness for an upcoming video game, “Crime Life: Gang Wars.”

D12's Bizarre, Proof, Swifty,

Kon Artis and Kuniva will inject their unique personalities into the game and

bring the essence of Detroit as only the eccentric quintet can.

“Crime Life: Gang Wars” focuses on a main character named Tre, who

the player uses to pick a path through the many criminal opportunities that

the game's Grand Central City location offers.

Although the plot

mimics the hood tales, Konami insists that “Crime Life: Gang Wars”

doesn't glorify the lifestyle but instead attempts to send out warnings of the

dangers of the streets.

In addition to appearing in the video game, D12 also appears on the soundtrack,

along with Guvnor P, Doom Man and others.

“Crime Life: Gang Wars” will be released in North America on the

PC and Xbox this fall.