D-12's Bizarre Explains 'Punk'd' Episode

D-12's Bizarre, who

appeared on MTV's prank series, Punk'd, recently discussed the televised practical

joke and the reaction he received from family members and friends.

On the episode, Bizarre was pulled over by a fake officer after the rapper withdrew

money from an ATM that gave him more than he requested.

The officer, played by a member of the Punk'd crew, questioned

Bizarre about his ATM transaction. The rapper said family and friends called

him afterward to rib him on his appearance.

"[Proof's] always into some crazy s**t. I don't be in that

much crazy s**t as he's in," Bizarre told AllHipHop.com. "I just felt

like, the ATM machine, if it spits out this money, and I put my PIN number in

here, all it can do is take it out from my account. I was just like 'This is

unbelievable. I know this isn't my ATM machine.'"

The weekly series, hosted by actor Ashton Kutcher, baits celebrities

into compromising situations with the aid of a crew of actors who set up conditions

designed to frazzle the celebrities.

An accomplice—someone close to the celebrity—in

this case D-12 member, Proof, often helps arrange the prank and plays along.

Bizarre explained the incident's proximity to an assault case

that he and Proof had recently beaten.

"This guy said that me and Proof had assaulted him at this

restaurant called TGI Friday's ," said Bizarre. "I been to court for

that for the past 5-6 months. It could have been thrown out, but the judge was

such an a**hole. Going through all that, with me and him being caught in a case,

being in it together, it was like, 'Damn, me and you again.'"

Clinging to his credibility, the hefty rapper also stated that

the editing on Punk'd didn't reflect the entire scenario.

"It was the cops, man. It would be different if it was

the restaurant manager or some s**t like that. But it was two real police officers

and one fake actor," said Bizarre. "The part that they didn't show

on Punk'd was [the real police yelling] 'Lemme see your hands, get out one by

one – move!"

Bizarre's debut

solo album, Hannicap Circus, on Sanctuary Records, hits stores June