D.C. Trip May Get Cam’ron Jail Time

Cam’ron’s impromptu trip to Washington D.C., which resulted in him getting shot, may find the rapper serving time in prison for violating a court appointed probation order, he revealed in a news conference on Wednesday (Jan. 25).

"The D.C. police are putting pressure on the New York police," the rapper told a group of reporters during a press conference. "I go to court on Tuesday. They're going to try and give me 30 days because I won't talk."

After being convicted for criminal weapons possession in 2004, the rapper has been forbidden to leave New York State without the permission of New York City’s Department of Probation. He said that he normally complies with the requirements, but was informed of a scheduled performance in the nation’s capital when it was too late to report.

The Harlem-bred rapper was shot last November in Washington D.C. and revealed a bullet wound on his right arm from his surgery. He said his recuperation would take about one year for him to fully recover, but he should regain full activity in his whole hand.

The rapper’s legal and health problems were a mere sidebar to his current beef with Jay-Z, which was the dominant topic of discussion.

When asked to address the notion that the event was a publicity stunt, Cam’ron stated, “ If everything I say [about Jay-Z] is the truth, then I can’t say anything, publicity stunt? My album doesn’t come out until April, why would I do it now, we’re wearing furs now [in the winter], when my album comes out we’ll be wearing shorts and sandals.” 

As previously reported, Cam’ron alleged that Jay-Z attempted to find old Catholic school pictures of Diplomat members and also video footage of him and Jim Jones, a Diplomat executive, being beaten up. Cam’ron concurred it was inappropriate for Jay-Z to host a peace treaty on stage with Nas after deeming the October show “I Declare War.” As retaliation, Cam released the track “Gotta Love It,” a song that berates the Def Jam president on a number of fronts.

Cam’ron said he is prepared for a Jay-Z response, but will not continue to release dis tracks unnecessarily. 

“I’m not just gonna keep beating up on an old man. I’m gonna wait, if he retaliates then I’m ready.” 

Jay-Z told MTV News that he’s not anxious to reply.

"My thing is, it's such an obvious ploy for attention and to get people to talk about it and for [Cam to] sell albums," Jay-Z said. "N**gas is holding press conferences behind [the dis record]. That's not even a good dis record. That s**t is trash. Maybe on my time we'll deal with it, but I'm not really pressed. I'm inspired by good artistic s**t. Cam's s**t is not artistic. There's nothing good about it. Everything about it is an obvious ploy to get attention."

Beef aside,The Diplomats have stuffed 2006 with numerous album releases from Hell Rell, Juelz Santa, Jim Jones, and Duke Da God. A new website will also be launched, Killacam.net, where fans can find clothing and music video shows. Cam’ron will also be releasing a DVD warning against the dangers of child molestation by predators that stalk via the Internet. 

Cam’ron’s new album and movie, both called Killa Season, are slated for release in April.