D.O.A. or D.O.J.: What Jay-Z Must Do About The Game

AllHipHop Staff

 Jay-Z must respond to The Game with force to this barrage of disses

I won't dilute the point with a bunch of over-intellectual ramblings in an attempt to complicate so simple. So, above you have this editorial in a nutshell, but if you want, read on.

Jay-Z is at a proverbial fork in the road, but it may not be the time for him to disregard the rules and go straight as he so poetically put it in "Renegade." Jay-Z remains one of the best that ever did it, but what does that mean in the rap game, which is populated by lyrical cutthroats? The Game, one of the most aggressive and spiteful rappers, is now hurling insult after insult at the self-proclaimed "God MC." He had a crowd calling Jay-Z an "old a** n***a" in Spain. In the UK, they were recently chanting, “Jay-Z is full of s**t.” Furthermore, The Game has insulted Jay-Z wife Beyonce in song! Well, what next? There is plenty more. According to The Game, he has more, sharper barbed verses for Jay-Z, should the Brooklyn rapper opt to respond.

But that is exactly what Jay-Z has to do - respond and respond with more force that was devoted to Nas, Prodigy and other rappers that he's tangled with. Please, be clear. This is for Jay-Z to reacquaint himself with the audience that want to see him get back to business. Remember Rocky III, where Rock - in all his posh life - was faced with the Killer Clubber Lang, played by the rugged-n-rough Mr. T.? Rocky's team didn't want the champion in with that "animal" and initially refused to give the hungry Lang a shot.

Jay-Z camp cannot act like The Game doesn’t exist anymore even though he seems content with disregarding the Compton rapper. He’s going to have to make a move in the spirit of Hip-Hop…and his career. He’s got the skill set and he’s got a history of going at people himself. Jay doesn't necessarily need to tangle endlessly with The Game. One well-placed song will let people know that he’s still that guy that wrote “The Takeover” and survived “Ether.”

No worthy champ allows a coup to occur right in his face.

There is a lot weighing in on the success of his new album, The Blueprint 3. Jay’s older but still a far better artist than just about every rapper doing music. Blueprint 3, if it is delivered properly, will open people's eyes that age is just a number that transcends SoundScan digits. Like other legends, Ali, Jordan, Run DMC, Tupac and others, The God is beginning to appear eerily human. Recognizing that humanity could be the key to survival to Jay-Z, as was musically demonstrated in the first of his Blueprint albums. Remember, that most of the greats became great when they had to rely on their heart, nerve and sinew - not just raw skill.

To really score a KO, Jay-Z is going to have to climb back in the ring and swing for the fences. Not taking anything from The Game, but I want Jay-Z to win and I don't mean this petty battle. Jay-Z winning is a win for Hip-Hop music and if you can't see that, you are D.O.A.

Here is The Game In the UK, where the crowd is screaming “Jay-Z is full of s**t”

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The Regular Guy is a columnist that typically writes on Thursday, but felt the need to write this on a Friday. He also believes that Jay-Z will ignore him as he has ignored The Game so far.