D/R Period Releasing Mixtape/DVD/Magazine

Producer D/R Period,

known for creating street anthems for the likes of M.O.P., Cam’ron and Jay-Z

has announced the release of a compilation in which he has combined a DVD, mixtape

and a magazine creating what he calls “Quarantine.”

The movie features rapper

Queen Pen, Storm P and Vex from the hit show “The Wire” and is loosely

based around the life of the producer.

“Quarantine is based

on being an artist coming out in the business,” D/R Period told AllHipHop.com.

“It’s based on me as an artist coming in the game; cats throwing

all kinds of things my way.”

The Magazine, “Much

Movement,” will serve as a press kit with a chronological synopsis of

who the artist/producer is, what he has done in the past and what his future

projects entail.

The mixtape portion produced

entirely by D/R Period and features one guest appearance from M.O.P.


is in stores now.