D12 Member Swift Attends Proof's Funeral, Judge Issues Bench Warrant

A judge has issued a bench warrant for D12 member Swift, who missed a court hearing yesterday (April 19) to respond to charges that he violated his probation.

Swift, born Ondre Moore, now faces up to three months in prison for the infraction.

He was attending the funeral for slain group member Proof, who was gunned down during an argument inside a Detroit nightclub on April 11.

Swift and other members of D12 acted as pallbearers during the final services for Proof.

Judge Brian Mackenzie of Novi County acknowledged that Swift attended the funeral but issued the warrant anyway, stating that the rapper has made no effort to comply with the court order.

Swift pleaded guilty to a charge of operating a vehicle while visibly impaired in October 2005.

He was ordered to stay clean and sober during his probationary period.

According to reports, the rapper violated his probation last week, by registering blood alcohol levels of .079 and .084 in court-ordered drug tests.