D12 Member Swift Sentenced To Jail

D12 member Swift was sentenced to 93 days in an Oakland County jail after missing a court hearing while to attend the funeral of his friend and fellow rapper, Proof.

Swift, born Ondre Moore, was arrested in a Detroit suburb and sentenced to more than three months for violating the terms of his probation in a drunk driving case.

District Court Judge Brian MacKenzie issued a warrant for Swift's arrest the same day he served as a pallbearer at Proof's funeral.

According to court records, the 31-year-old Detroit rapper tested positive for alcohol, despite being court-ordered to remain free of drugs and alcohol.

Swift allegedly tested positive for having alcohol in his system with blood alcohol levels reaching. 079 and .084 last week.

Swift was placed on probation after pleading guilty last October to a charge of operating a vehicle while visibly impaired.

The arrest comes on the heels of the murder of Swift's friend and original D12 member, Proof.

Born Deshaun Holton, Proof was shot multiple times and killed inside the C.C.C. club on 8 Mile Road on April 11, during a dispute with a bouncer.

Proof was laid to rest April 19 at the Fellowship Chapel in Detroit.