D12 Rappers Bizarre And Proof Launch DVD Series

D12’s Bizarre

and Proof have created and will host a new ongoing DVD concert series titled “Wanna


Produced in conjunction with NuTech Digital, the DVD series

features Bizarre and Proof judging various rappers who are engaged in a rap

battle in front of thousands of spectators.

The first DVD in the series features a battle hosted by the

rappers in October of 2005, at the Alvin Theater in their hometown of Detroit,


“Wanna Battle” is produced and distributed by NuTech

Digital, a company that distributes original and licensed DVD content worldwide.

"Bizarre and Proof are ingenious with this idea, and NuTech

is the type of company that will make commitments in new and ground-breaking

areas of the entertainment industry,” NuTech Digital CEO Lee Kasper stated.

“I am very pleased to be involved with this project."

“Wanna Battle”

is slated to hit stores this month.