D4L: 'We Have No Beef With Dem Franchize Boyz'

Two Atlanta, Georgia

rap cliques riding the top of the charts have become entangled in a dispute, after

accusations of dance copycatting and stage sabotage surfaced in numerous media


Rap group D4L (Down 4 Life) recently issued a statement addressing "negative

comments" allegedly made by Dem Franchise Boyz in various interviews.

The four-man groups are currently enjoying massive chart success,

as D4L's song "Laffy Taffy" is #4 on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart, while

Dem Franchise Boyz song "I Think They Like Me," featuring Jermaine

Dupri, Da Brat and Bow Wow is #4 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.

D4L's manager Johnny Cabbell said Dem Franchise Boyz have publicly blamed D4L

members for sabotaging a show featuring both groups, as well as stealing a two-step


"We have no beef with Dem Franchize Boyz or with any other group,"

Cabball said. "We understand, however, that sometimes when acts have nothing

positive to talk about in their careers they resort to criticizing other acts

that they feel are more successful. I think that's the case here."

Cabball’s statement comes on the heels of accusations by Dem Franchise

Boyz that D4L copied their unique style in various interviews.

"They [D4L]

try to follow in our footsteps,” group member Jizzal Man told AllHipHop.com

in November. “We're trendsetters…we dropped ‘White Teez,’

then people came out with ‘Black Teez, Red Teez’. All for [some of our] success."

Both groups have been credited with ushering in a new Atlanta sound called "Snap"

music, which incorporates snapping and light instrumentation.

Cabbell said he was willing to work out any differences between the groups "in

a professional manner, so that all parties can move forward in a positive direction."