"Da Band" Member Ness Launches Label, Group Changes Name

Philadelphia rapper Ness, a cast member of MTV's

"Making The Band 2," has taken a cue from his mentor P. Diddy and

has launched his own record label.

"I got my own label, Rest Ya Neck Entertainment,"

Ness told AllHipHop.com. "The name means to relax, to fall back and chill.

The first group I got signed is The Young Hit Men (YHM). It was a group I was

a part of before I got signed. Me and a couple of guys from the projects started

the group."

As a member of the high profile group, Ness was

involved in three fist fights with group member Frederick in last weeks episode.

The show featured 84 bleeped obscenities, down

from the season high of 92, which was claimed in the previous week.

According to Ness, the in fighting has nothing

to do with his belonging to another group and he sees no conflict in pursuing

outside endeavors.

"This group was before I was a part of Bad

Boy," Ness continued. "This was when I was doing my thing, blazing

mixtapes and trying to get on. These are the people that believed in me first."

Ness is quick to point out that Bad Boy is the

reason for the opportunities that have presented themselves to every Band member

thus far.

"We been grinding and struggling, so they

are happy to see someone get in the door and get the ball rolling. At the end

of the day we are all here to make dope music and keep the music alive and carry

on the bad boy legacy."

And as if the struggle were not enough, the group

recently had to change their name from Da Band to Bad Boy's DA Band, to avoid

legal repercussions, due to another group having the name trademarked first.

Despite printed reports that Sara may be leaving

DA Band, the only singer in the group dispelled those rumors at a recent photo


"DA Band is the foundation. I feel good

about the album, the songs are hot. I really feel like we are going to be make

a difference, it's something new and refreshing."