Da Brat Denies Reports Saying Mariah Carey Pays Her Bills

The brat is fighting a lawsuit in court over a $7 million dollar debt.

(AllHipHop News) Da Brat has filed legal documents denying claims she has been leaning on Mariah Carey to help her with her bills.

She is being sued over $1.3 million in interest and fees to a waitress she assaulted during a 2007 club altercation.

In 2014, Da Brat was supposed to pay a former cheerleader named Shayla Stevens $6.4 million, for smashing her in the face with a champagne bottle.

Shayla Stevens recently filed legal documents claiming Da Brat was claiming broke, but was really living good, thanks to money being provided by none other than Mariah Carey.

Da Brat denied the claims during a recent hearing concerning her bankruptcy case and is asking a judge to shut down requests from Stevens to look deeper into her finances.