Da Brat Organizes Prison Talent Show

AllHipHop Staff

Da Brat has kept a low profile since her 2008 conviction and incarceration for assault. Now, the Chicago native is seeking to discover new talent in her prison through a talent search.

Da Brat (Shawntae Harris) is serving her three year sentence at Arrendale Federal Prison in Alto, Georgia. According to officials, the rapper was able to secure approval to host an event she’s coined “Showtime at Alto.”

While following the model of the legendary Apollo, Brat colleague and friend DJ Nabs will handle music duties. Da Brat brainstormed the showcase as an outlet for inmates to reveal their talents and hopefully cultivate them as a creative outlet during their sentences. Furthermore, she hopes those with lighter sentences may consider pursuing their talents further upon release.

If successful, Brat plans to push for prison authorities to make the showcase an annual event.

Da Brat herself is in the second year of her three year bid for attacking an Atlanta Falcons cheerleader in 2007.

According to court records, the veteran emcee accosted cheerleader Shayla Stevens at a Lawrenceville, GA nightclub. After words were exchanged, Da Brat bludgeoned the woman with a rum bottle. In the ensuing melee, the woman fell down a number of stairs and sliced her face open on a cement floor.

In addition to her sentence, Da Brat is also required to complete programs for substance abuse, mental health, anger management, and 200 hours of community service.

Upon release, Hip-Hop’s first female platinum artist will complete 7 years of probation to end her debt to society.

At press time, a tentative release date has not been announced.