DaBaby Facing Possible Breach Of Contract Lawsuit For Missing Massachusetts Show

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

The rapper also known as Baby Jesus is not known for turning the other cheek.

(AllHipHop News) Jonathan "DaBaby" Kirk currently has a Top 10 album (Baby On Baby) and a Top 20 song ("Suge"). Unfortunately, the Charlotte-bred rapper has made more headlines for violent confrontations than he has for his music.

One of those incidents took place last week outside the Centro Night Club in Lawrence, Massachusetts. DaBaby was in the town to perform, but a fight between his security and a rapper named Don Trag caused the show to be canceled.

The concert's promoter, NTS Entertainment, claimed DaBaby took the $22,000 payment even though he did not hit the stage. NTS is supposedly in negotiation with DaBaby's team about booking a make-up show in another city, but a breach of contract lawsuit is a consideration if terms are not met between the two parties.

TMZ reports:

We're told NTS expects to work it out with the rapper and hopes to avoid getting lawyers involved ... but we've learned Traq has already lawyered up and he's going after DaBaby for the vicious attack. Sources close to DaBaby tell us his contract specifically states ... if his safety becomes a concern he has every right to leave. We're told his side feels the venue failed to provide adequate security to keep overzealous fans like Trag at bay ... which is why his crew had to handle it. NTS confirms the contract mentions DaBaby could leave if he felt security was inadequate ... but not that he could take the money and run without performing. It also denies there was any security risk.

DaBaby was a trending topic on social media over the weekend when a video of the aftermath of another alleged attack against fellow North Carolina rhymer Cam Coldheart went viral. Coldheart ended up with a bloody face and his pants around his ankles after he was seen on camera taunting DaBaby inside a Louis Vuitton store.

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His music sucks so he needs distraction to keep people’s attention. No one that smiles that hard is a violent anything. HE IS an insecure tiny man that feels threatened for his past actions.


we didnt see a fight stop hyping this dude let his music do that we aint see a punch stop it