DaBaby Going To Court Over Beatdown That Left Aspiring Rapper In A Coma

AllHipHop Staff

Rolling up on DaBaby and asking for a pic turned into a serious problem for a rapper, and now he's suing.

(AllHipHop News) Popular rapper DaBaby better be wearing his big boy pants as he prepares to fight a lawsuit over the vicious beatdown of another rapper in Massachusettes.

DaBaby's bodyguard went nuts on a rapper named Don Trag, who was supposed to be the opening act for a show in Lawrence, Massachuttes, back in May.

Don Trag simply approached Da Baby to ask for a photo with the x-based rapper, and that is when his bodyguard, some friends and staff members at Centro Nightclub beat the rapper into a coma.

Even though DaBaby did not participate in the assault, Don Trag claims he is responsible because the bodyguard was acting as his employee, and should have been properly trained.

Don Trag is suing for over $100,00 in medical expenses.

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