DaBaby Off The Hook In Walmart Murder But Parents Say Rapper Started Fight

The Charlotte rapper just beat a serious case.

(AllHipHop News) Rising rap star DaBaby has escaped charges in connection with a fatal shooting inside of a Walmart.

The rapper was shopping with his 5-year-old, 1-year-old and their mother when an altercation broke out inside of the Huntersville, Walmart Center.

During the fight, Jalyn Domonique Craig, 19, was shot and fatally wounded.

Four people were questions at the scene.

DaBaby was eventually charged with was charged with a misdemeanor for carrying a concealed gun.

Shortly after the shooting, the rapper admitted his involvement.

DaBaby claimed self-defense and said Craig had pulled a gun on him and threatened him and his family.

According to the Charlotte Observer the prosecutor's case recently fell apart, when they could not locate a key witness to testify.

Prosecutors asked the judge for more time to locate the witness, but the judge refused and dismissed all of the charges against DaBaby.

Jalyn Domonique Craig's mom said she feared no one would ever be brought to justice for the murder of her son.

"We feel like we didn’t get any justice. To have the guy look at us in court with a smirk, like he won that battle,” his mother Lawana Horsley told Fox46.

While no one knows what sparked the fight, Jalyn Domonique Craig's father denied his son was trying to rob the rapper.

In fact, Craig's dad says security footage showed the baby started the fight by throwing the first punch another man, as his son was attempted to calm things down.

"The rapper instigated it and started it and attacking my son’s friend-- the first punch,” Jalyn Domonique Craig's father said.

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Your son pulled a gun on a man with his children and suffered the consequences. You maybe should've raised him better instead of blaming others.

Karma never
Karma never

It's a black website ran by white people who think that we do not understand what good reporting is


"DaBaby was eventually charged with was charged with " what kind of broken english is this shit anybody proof read anymore damn.