DaBaby's Bodyguards Have No Chill As They Brutalize Another Fan

DaBaby bodyguards rake up more "hits" of their own.

(AllHipHop News) Fans of DaBaby are quickly learning that staying in the crowd at one of his shows is a good idea.

Anyone who gets too close to the rapper during a performance seems to end up with serious injuries.

Some guy in Des Moines, Iowa learned this lesson earlier in the week.

DaBaby was a headlining act at the Val Air Ballroom when a one-sided fight broke out between the rapper's security and an unnamed male.

A security guard can be seen pushing the guy backstage, where he is filmed administering a vicious beatdown.

So far, DaBaby has not commented on the disturbance and no police reports have been filed.

Back in June, a rapper named Don Trag sued DaBaby after he was beaten into a coma because he approached and asked him for an autograph.

DaBaby also beat a murder rap in March, after a judge ruled he acted in self-defense during a shootout in a Walmart in North Carolina.

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Savage Thug 1001
Savage Thug 1001

These niggas garbage musicians and why waste money making them rich just to hear them say they better then anyone else or their untouchable. This nigga and his goon -guards not doing that to a real a niggs period. They mom's will be wearing black dresses and big hats and not to the Kentucky Derby either. Fuck them cowards. This trash ass fake rapper better stay at at s bag cause the lawsuits coming fast and some will take that as whopping for a check. Facts


Bodyguards be acting tough until they receive a super punch like the one Future's bodyguard received.. Lol

Milwaukee crew
Milwaukee crew

If dababy come my way wit that fuck shit in bussn I mean get off nigga.killin me ain't doin nothin but doin me a favor.