DaBaby Settles Extortion Lawsuit With Video Vixen

Kershaw St. Jawnson

A video model named Marjorie Guaracho has settled a lawsuit with DaBaby, who says she was extorting him.

(AllHipHop News) According to The Blast, DaBaby is on the verge settling his extortion case against a model named Marjorie Guaracho.

Guaracho sued DaBaby over her one-second appearance in his "Vibez" video, which she claimed made her appear to endorse pornography due to the editing.

Babygirl, most not have known how DaBaby gets down, because the rapper and his label South Coast Music Group filed a countersuit, claiming Guaracho signed release forms and gladly accepted $100 bucks for her time.

According to terms of the settlement, DaBaby and South Coast Music Group will retain the rights to exploit Guaracho's image in the video for "Vibez," which has racked up almost 50 million views on Youtube.

One of the conditions to the settlement is the entry of an order confirming the settlement, acknowledging the Plaintiffs possess all of the Defendant’s rights with respect to the Video.”

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Another day, another lawsuit. NEXT!!!


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