Daily Word: Expect To Win!!

AllHipHop Staff

Happy Tuesday, my Victors of Life!

Welcome to your best day! The day that you realize that the fact that you are still here means that you still have purpose. Today's Daily Word is dedicated to being a winner!

In life you get exactly what you expect, whether you like it or not. Those who expect difficulties to stop them from achieving their goals will never accomplish anything! Those who expect to win, no matter the obstacle or circumstance, will become a winner every time! Refuse to allow anything to stop you and nothing will!

At times, you will hear things like " Winning isn't everything" But that is mostly said by losers who are trying to justify themselves! Winning is not only everything, it's the only thing!! Make sure as you set out on your journey, you create the habit of giving your best in everything you do
and expect to win! In this game of life, the only competition that exists is the person you see in the mirror! Calculate your next move, and do what has to be done to come out on top! NOTHING CAN STOP YOU!!!

“If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?” -Vince Lombardi

“A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.” -Larry Bird

“Winners have simply formed the habit of doing things losers don't like to do." -Albert Gray

“Obstacles are challenges for winners and excuses for losers." -M.E Kerr

“If you're not gonna go all the way, why go at all?” -Joe Namath

“Play to win, not 'not to lose'.” -Dondi Scumaci

“If you want to find the real competition, just look in the mirror. After awhile you'll see your rivals scrambling for second place.” -Criss Jami

“Not all dreamers are winners, but all winners are dreamers. Your dream is the key to your future.” -Mark Gorman


Ash’Cash is a Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Financial Expert and the author of Mind Right, Money Right: 10 Laws of Financial Freedom. For more information, please visit his website, www.IamAshCash.com.