Daily Word: Say Goodbye!!


Happy Friday & Happy First of the month! Welcome to the 32nd day of 2013 and the day you make a decision as to how the rest of the year will look! Today's Daily Word is dedicated to letting go of the past and moving forward to bigger and better things! It's very rarely that I use the word "HATE" but I 'HATE" YESTERDAY! We give so much power to it that I have a genuine disdain for the word and wish that people would pay more attention to TODAY than anything else! Concentrating too much on what we have no control over is one of the biggest reasons why people do not get what they want out of life! Say Goodbye!! Say goodbye to yesterday because that chapter in your book is OVER!! Say goodbye to those failed relationships that are holding you back! Say goodbye to the limitations that are in your mind that really don't exist! Say goodbye to small thinking and most importantly say goodbye to ALL negativity! Right now... At this very moment you are able to start fresh and make all of your dreams come true! Forget about your current circumstance! It has NOTHING to do with were you can go!! Use the power you have right now to make your life great!!! NOTHING CAN STOP YOU BUT..... (Fill in the Blank)

"The mental and physical space we create by letting go of things that belong in our past gives us...the option to fill the space with something new."
-Susan Fay West

"Holding on is believing that there's only a past; letting go is knowing that there's a future."
-Daphne Rose Kingma

"Think about any attachments that are depleting your emotional reserves. Consider letting them go."
-Oprah Winfrey

"Don't let your mind bully your body into believing it must carry the burden of its worries."
-Astrid Alauda

"Open your arms to change, but don't let go of your values."
-Dalai Lama

"You don't need strength to let go of something. What you really need is understanding."
-Guy Finley

"There's an important difference between giving up and letting go."
-Jessica Hatchigan

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need."
-Tao Te Chin


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