Daily Word: Stop Talking! Start Doing!

Greetings and Solutions my doers of great deeds! Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life! Today's Daily Word is dedicated to hushing up and getting to work! Please excuse my frankness but today has to be the day that we say enough is enough! Nobody really cares about what you are about to do! It is of no consequence how grand your dreams are, if you are not willing to execute them! We often spend so much time talking about what we're going to make happen that we wind up not doing much! We have these million dollar plans that if done correctly would probably be worth more but because we stop at just the verbal act of explaining, the plan winds up being worth nothing! Stop Talking and Start Doing! When was the last time you announce you were taking a shower? When did you make a big deal about brushing your teeth? You make think I am being trivial but the fact still remains that what is understood doesn't have to be explain! Your hygiene is an automatic part of your life (I hope), The same should go for your success! The next time you have a grand plan of action instead of telling the world just hush up and get to work! NOTHING CAN STOP YOU BUT YOU! P.S. I love you :)


"The best way to insure you achieve the greatest satisfaction out of life is to behave intentionally."
-Deborah Day

"How would your life be different if...You pretended those around you were deaf to your words? Let today be the day...You let your actions speak and communicate your feelings and intentions."
-Steve Maraboli

"Intentions are nice, but ultimately intentions don't really matter because they only exist inside you."
-Kelly Williams Brown

"Stop allowing your day-to-day life to be clouded by busy nothingness."

"Put some action on your good intentions!"
-Lorii Myers

INTENT reveals desire; ACTION reveals commitment."

The universe doesn't give you what you ask for with your thoughts - it gives you what you demand with your actions."
-Criss Jami

You cannot continue on the same path and arrive at a different destination. Make the choice to have your actions reflect your goals."
-Steve Maraboli



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