Dallas Austin Arrested In Dubai For Drugs

Revered R&B

and Hip-Hop producer Dallas Austin has been detained in a Dubai prison for allegedly

transporting illegal drugs into the Arab country.

According to the

New York Daily News, the producer was traveling to model Naomi Campbell's birthday

party last month when he was incarcerated.

The report did

not indicate what illicit drugs the producer was accused of holding.

Austin has crafted

beats for the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Brandy, TLC, Aretha Franklin,

the Indigo Girls and Boyz II Men, Fishbone and owns Rowdy Records.

Campbell's celebration

was held over the course of three-days at the Burj Al Arab hotel. Dubai has

very little tolerance for illicit drugs.

According to the

Dubai government's official website, penalties for possession, use or trafficking

of illegal substances can result in jail sentences for the offender.

In extreme cases,

the death sentence for convicted drug traffickers is imposed, while possession

of small quantities of various drugs can result in length jail sentences.


for Austin weren't available for comment at press time.