Dallas Austin Reactivates Rowdy Records

Producer Dallas Austin

hopes to recapture the early success of his Rowdy Records label and will relaunch

the imprint with a new group, Da Back Wudz.

Austin's label found mainstream success when the Atlanta, Georgia

based label released Monica's debut album Miss Thang in 1995, helping

to launch Atlanta's R&B/Hip-Hop scene to national prominence.

Austin, who also served as executive producer/music producer

on 2002’s movie “Drumline,” said he reactivated the Rowdy

Records label after he heard the music from the Decatur, Georgia based group

Da Back Wudz.

“This is the best rap group to hit the Atlanta Hip-Hop

market since I’ve been here,” Austin said.

Da BackWudz feature two cousins, Sho-Nuff and Big Marc. The

group hopes their album Wood Work will solidify their place in the

long lineage of Atlanta talent that can be found through out the music business.

“A lot of people think dudes can’t rap down in Atlanta,

that everybody’s in love with crunk music, but the thing that sets us

apart is that we can do it all,” group member Sho-Nuff said. “Down

bottom, up top, Left Coast, Midwest, whatever; we talk about a lot of issues

that set us apart from lots of people. And when it boils down, it’s always

about creativity and we got a lot of creativity.”

The first single “You Gonna Luv Me” was produced

by platinum producer Milwaukee Black, who created hits for 8-Ball & MJG,

Pastor Troy, TLC and others.

Wood Work

is slated to be released in early summer 2005 and features Lil Flip, 8-Ball,

Daz Dillinger and Jermaine Dupri.