Dame Dash and Biggs Release "Beyond Reasonable Doubt" Digital Mixtape

Dame Dash has all but exited the music industry, but the Hip-Hop tycoon is releasing a promotional mixtape that pays homage to Reasonable Doubt, the seminal album from former business partner Jay-Z.Beyond Reasonable Doubt is a series of songs that were recorded three or four years ago with artists that were signed to a pre-breakup Roc-A-Fella Records.“A couple of years back, because Reasonable Doubt was so endearing to us, and it was like the only thing that me and Biggs [the other previous co-owner of Roc-A-Fella Records] and Jay really owned 100%, we always wanted to celebrate it,” Dash told AllHipHip.com. “I thought it would be good to put out something where we paid tribute to the records that were on Reasonable Doubt and other records, and we called it Beyond Reasonable Doubt, through the other artists. And also give the artists a platform to showcase their skills too.”Kareem “Biggs” Burke, who continues to work with Dash said that the 10-track promotional project would also include a bonus track with Jay-Z as well. That song is called “For The Love of My N***as” and it features Oschino & Sparks. Other artists on the mixtape include Beanie Sigel, Juelz Santana, Kanye West, Nicole Ray, Memphis Bleek and singers Rell, Denim and others who do their own renditions of songs on Jay-Z’s classic album.Dash and Biggs deny that they were attempting to cash in on the Jay-Z name as the mogul/rapper was set to release his 10th album, American Gangster. “This is how we’re giving back to the people,” Biggs said. Concurring, Dash said, “We ain’t making no money off it. It’s not for a sale. It’s for a listen. It’s for a gander.” Listeners can hear six leaked records on AllHipHop.com, by clicking here. The entire promotional mixtape is available on blocksavvy.com. As for their relationship with their former business partner, Biggs says there is none.“I think Kanye summed it up the best [in ‘Big Brother’ from Graduation],” he concluded. In 2004, Jay-Z, Damon Dash and Biggs sold their remaining 50 percent stake of Roc-A-Fella Records to Island Def Jam, effectively dissolving their 10-year business relationship.Biggs, Dame and Jay are all co-owners of the Reasonable Doubt album.