Dame Dash Center Of Bizarre Sex Lawsuit

Rap mogul Damon Dash is at the center of a bizarre lawsuit in which an Atlanta woman claims to have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, after Dash allegedly exposed himself in front of her.

According to The New York Post, Atlanta resident Jamie Roberts, 24, filed the lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court, claiming she met Dash at a Miami club in March of 2004.

She claims Dash hid his true identity by using the alias "Jeremy McIntyre." She claims that Dash then took her to a nearby marina, where he showed her his "genital area" in an offensive manner and then attempted to force the woman to perform oral sex.

Almost a year after the alleged incident, the woman claims she started to hear Dash’s voice in her head, giving her instructions to follow.

Roberts claims to have discovered Dash’s true identity in 2005, while she was watching a taping of "The Dave Chapelle Show."

The woman claims to have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and now has a bipolar disorder due to the alleged incident.

Dash denied the allegations in a statement.

"We know nothing about it," Dash said. "It's quite obvious this is a false allegation."