Dame Dash & Director Josh Webber Feud Online Over 'The List'/'Dear Frank' Movie

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

The Roc-A-Fella co-founder calls the filmmaker a "culture vulture," Webber fires back.

(AllHipHop News) Damon "Dame" Dash has some legal trouble. According to TMZ, the businessman is being hit with a lawsuit by filmmaker Josh Webber and Muddy Water Pictures.

Apparently, Dash was originally attached in 2016 to an upcoming movie titled Dear Frank as the director. The suit supposedly claims Dame was high on set, and he was removed from the project in 2018.

The website reports:

In the doc, obtained by TMZ, Josh and MWP say Dame has been sending promotional material to outlets like BET for a movie he's been calling "The List" ... which Josh and MWP say has actually been renamed "Dear Frank" since Dame's departure... They're suing Dame for defamation and copyright infringement.

Dash apparently planned to file his own lawsuit over the matter. The Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder allegedly insists the Dear Frank crew stole the footage shot at his house in an attempt to promote the film without him.

Dear Frank stars Claudia Jordan, Brian White, Columbus Short, Lil Durk, and Torrei Hart. Dame Dash's film credits as a producer include State Property, Paid In Full, The Woodsman, and Shadowboxer.

Last week, Dash posted on Instagram:

More bubblegum sh*t...I was going to deal with this later but I guess I’ll have to deal with it now...this is the movie the list #thelist that I directed and produced about a year ago... @muddfilms is pretending he owns this film and @joshawebber (pure culture vulture) is pretending he directed this movie I’m letting you know now we will be legally dealing with this and any one that touches this film before this is handled will be exposed legally as well... and I know @officialcshort @claudiajordan @brianjwhite @torreihart would never ever check for anything but the truth and only the truth cause it looks like you all are gonna have to tell it... #staytuned this dude thinks because I was kind enough to let him put up 100 grand just so he could stay in the movie after I found out @tonywhiteceo @tony4331 was lying about the budget means he owns this... #staytuned #whycantwejustdohonorablebusiness

Webber responded on Instagram:

I wasn’t gonna speak on this bum but f*ck him and his lies.. I won’t sit back and let this guy try to slander or bully me any longer. Truth is @duskopoppington is not a true independent artist or business man like he tries to pretend to be.. He was HIRED by @muddfilms to “Direct” the film #thelist originally as a pure marketing stunt. I was the producer of the film and asked to ensure that it actually got made by ghost directing certain aspects. Dame has no idea what directing a movie actually is or takes and was constantly yelling at crew members/cast, berating people on set, smoking weed and basically sleeping at the wheel. 🤒 Then while in the process of finishing the film, Dame was being a hot head with the studio executive producer/financier stepping out of line and finally got FIRED!! 🤡 ⌛️ I was approached to finish the job by directing the movie to completion and attached my company to help in its formal release. Really simple to understand. Everyone involved knows the truth especially our core cast @brianjwhite @claudiajordan @officialcshort #honorablepeoplesticktogether. This happened a long time ago already. He just mad because we about to put it out finally and had him cut out the movie entirely like the sucker he is. Dame is only sour because he put himself in a position to lose like he has done so many times in previous business’s. 🎙 He is only mad at himself for being an idiot and looking for someone to blame so he screams “Culture Vulture” Grow up! Don’t try and make this a race thing ya bozo! #keepitmovingdummy #nobodycares #youmadbro @funkflex said it best #damedashisaliar and is the true #culturevulture, look up his history..

Dash returned to IG on Tuesday to add:

This is a perfect example of the #culturevulture process @joshawebber as my assistants his job is to make sure my crew is working...instead he is pretending to be me (the boss) and wasting everyone’s time as a boss I tell my Assisant @joshawebber to get back to work and he waste more time...now he is trying to pretend he directed my movie and make himself look like a boss in my house using my camera...and actually acting like he can fire me ...he is obsessed with being me till he justifies it ..it’s a sickness ...this is what they always do please pay attention #thelist coming soon @culturevultures_book available now...I’m going to let y’all see what has happened to our culture for years and now I’m going to show you how to stop it...live as it’s happening @joshawebber your my Lil man pause...you will never be me now get back to work

Webber then posted on his own Instagram page:

Cool story bro.. 🤥. I won’t allow you to change the narrative on this one tho... #damedashisaliar . You know you really talk a big game about professionalism and doing things on the highest level possible yet look at the effort and attitude you put forth when given an opportunity to make a film that you didn’t even have to spend any of your money to help make?? HONESTLY, take a step back for a second.. Look at yourself in this video.. You should be setting an example of Black Excellence on set!! Walk the talk bro!! When you are the director of something your supposed to be a problem solving general and be more prepared then anyone else! I get it.. your “Dame Dash!” in your own architected world and your a Boss right??? But tell me this one on some real deal boss sh*t Dame.. If you saw someone doing this type of sh*t day after day then they spit in your face, yelling and screaming with constant attitude accross the board.. Would you not fire them too?? You putting up my photo for the world to see and calling me a liar is wrong. Painting us as some type of “Culture Vultures” is even worse. This is not a black or white thing.. This is a lazy, self entitled guy who only played himself thing. You owe us an apology. Your not truly a bad guy but this slander sh*t is ridiculous. Realize the reach of your platform, how much lifetime confusion, relationships, art and money your about to f*ck up. Suck up your mistakes (pause).. Admit your faults.. and lets talk about this sh*t like men ya?? This social media stunt is a terrible look for both of us.

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I say it all the time Dame is 50/50. 50% of the time he says real motivational BOSS shit.........the other 50% of the time EVERYTHING BAD in his life is ALWAYS someone else's fault!!! 1st he says he had nothing to do with & was against Jay-Z working with R. Kelly & had nothing to do with the Best of Both Worlds CD because of the Aaliyah situation. When he got called out for having a good time in the Fiesta video his excuse was she told him to be in video?? He's yet to explain the fact he's been in other R. Kelly featured video's.


Slick talking Dash at they neck...doing what he does.... scheming lol