Dame Dash Expanding Rocawear Clothing Line

Roc-A-Wear has launched several new lines of clothing, attempting to capture a larger share of the lucrative clothing industry.According to Dame Dash, the Rocawear Red Label consists of shirts & denim, which are less baggy, while Wash House consists of hand finished vintage denim, which will be available at high end retailers."We're trying to take over every demographic to ensure that we are the best at everything," Dame Dash told AllHipHop.com. "We're still doing urban. We're not going away from what we've been making - we are adding to. You see Jay wearing dress shirts and things like that. [We're striving] for a more adult look, a more boutique look, a tighter fit. But, were not going to stop making what we are making."Additionally, Dash said that a new line, Team Roc will be available exclusively through Footlocker and Champs."We're going after that And 1 (the clothing company) money. I have it on in a couple of the videos. We want to take over everything...we are going to touch everything."Dash said the Rocawear Red Label is available in Bloomingdales, while Wash House will be available only in boutique stores."You want the ability to sit in the boutique stores like a Fred Siegel, with a higher price point, better quality, but never straying away from our core audience and core market," Dash said.