Dame Dash Gets Married, Enters Into Boxing With Veteran Promoter

Though reluctant to divulge

details of his personal life, former Roc-A-Fella CEO Dame Dash has confirmed

that he married his longtime girlfriend and mother of his two children, after

reports of a secret wedding sprung up in the past week.

"People talk about

every aspect of my life. And I gotta be honest about every aspect of my life.

[There] should be a part of my life that I keep private," Dash told AllHipHop.com.

"People say what they wanna say. You read what you wanna read - however

credible you think that is."

Dash pointed to an example

of WBLS shock jock Wendy Williams discussing his newborn on her radio show.

Dame claimed the radio diva was profiting from airing his personal information.

The Rocawear CEO further

exclaimed that he prefers to keep business affairs separate from his personal


"I ain't selling nothing

when I talk about my family. I am not selling my kids. I'm not here for that,"

said Dash. "I know it's the price you pay for being in the public eye,

but that [doesn 't] mean I have to answer any questions."

In the entrepreneurial field,

Dash plans to start a fighting promotion company called Dash DiBella Promotions.

Dash joined with former

HBO executive and boxing promoter Lou DiBella, who he met on a plane while returning

from a Shane Mosley fight, to form the new promotion company.

Expressing his passion

for the sport, Dash said he has already enlisted boxers Gary Starks, Curtis

Stephens Andre Alberta and others.

"They all got 10-0

records, they all like to knock ni**as the f**k out," Dash continued. "I'm

just glad to be this close to something I love."

"It seems like everybody

has something to say about everybody in the boxing world, but I hear the least

about him," Dash said of Dibella, who spent 11 years with HBO and brought

the premium channel some of the most memorable boxing matches in recent history.

"I just want to come in this game and make a difference and have a lot

of fun while I'm here. I just like to empower people."