Dame Dash Launches Tiret Luxury Watch Collection

Dame Dash has entered

into the world of high-end timepieces and will produce a line of luxury watches

called Tiret New York.

Dash has tapped

the experience of Daniel Lazar, a leading watch and jewelry designer and through

the partnership hope that their product will “redefine luxury” due

to its uniqueness.

"We are creating

unique watches that are not meant for just anyone," Dash boasted. "Our

watches are created for those with the most selective taste, for those who are

accustomed to the best in everything, not just style. Tiret New York will stand

out and win over the luxury consumer."

According to company

representatives, Tiret will use only the highest quality and rarest materials,

along with new patented technology.

“[The watches]

will be the best in everything, not only the best in style and in aesthetics,

but also the best craftsmanship to create a reliable and accurate time accessory,"

Lazar said. "I am thrilled to be working closely with Damon -- his focus

and market instinct will help make Tiret New York a success."

The prices for

Tiret New York watches range from $18,000 to $175,000.