Dame Dash Moves Offices, ODB Gets Off The Shelf

Rumor and speculation have swelled surrounding Dame Dash and a possible permanent business split from Island Def Jam.

The banter was partially fueled after the mogul and his Damon Dash Music Group was shifted in new digs on Broadway in mid-town Manhattan away from the IDJ high rise offices.

Sources within Def Jam stated that Dash emphatically requested that he be release from his manufacturing and distribution deal and that the upcoming Ol’ Dirty Bastard project, A Son Unique, was permanently shelved. Both situations have been resolved, according to a Def Jam spokes person.

"We still have the Dame Dash Music Group. For some reason people were thinking that it was a wrap. There were rumors that we were phasing it out,” Jana Fleishman of Def Jam told AllHipHop.com.

According to Fleishman, all of the offices on Def Jam’s 29th floor are being relocated, not just Dash’s.

She did recognize that the Ol’ Dirty album was in jeopardy, but was now set to be released in the near future.

“As of right now, we are going ahead,” she said.

Another anonymous source said that Dash has felt that his projects haven’t been priority.

“Dame has just been worried that his artists have not gotten proper attention,” the source said. “I know the Dirty project was shelved, but it seems like they were able to work it out.”

Other sources close to the matter said there are internal concerns that the ODB project hasn’t connected with the younger demographic or that they “just don’t get it.”

Incarcerated South Philadelphia Beanie Sigel, the first artist of his DDMG stable, managed to move an impressive 130,000 units of The B.Coming his first week.

The No. 3 debut has since cooled off since its debut earlier this month even though the album has garnered critical acclaim.

The rapper hasn’t been able to promote the album due to a one-year jail sentence he is serving for weapons possession.