Dame Dash Prepares "Backstage 2," Jay-Z Working With 50

Roc-A-Fella CEO Dame Dash is finalizing details

for the Roc Army Tour, which will start as early as May in the U.S. & then

head to Europe.

"I know they were in talks, but I ain't

really have nothing to do with it," Dash told MTV News. "I'm gonna

go talk to Jay today. I'm gonna let Jay speak on Jay's tours."

Roc-A-Fella acts Memphis Bleek, M.O.P., Freeway,

Beanie Sigel, State Property, Cam'ron & The Diplomats will all be featured.

Dash said that there were tentative dates for

the Roc Army Tour which will last six weeks running into June.

Dash said that the camera's will be rolling on

the Roc Army Tour to amass footage for a sequel to the "Backstage"

documentary, which followed Jay-Z, DMX, Method on the Hard Knock Life tour,

one of the highest grossing tours in hip-hop history.

"We're gonna bring the ruckus. We gonna

show what happens when we all clique up. The show is gonna be like an ensemble

of hits after hits. It's not gonna be your regular show."

That ensemble doesn't include Roc-A-Fella's flagship

artist Jay-Z, who will be hitting the road with 50 Cent and Lil Mo, headlining

a tour that could possibly start as early as July, according to reports.