Dame Dash Refutes DDMG Demise Reports And Losing M.O.P.

Music impresario Damon Dash has dismissed rumors circulating that his Damon Dash Music Group (DDMG) is on the verge of parting ways with Def Jam amid financial instability and low record sales.

“That whole report was bulls**t,” Dash told AllHipHop.com of a New York Post article that sparked speculation. “There wasn’t no truth to any part of that manure. There wasn’t a quote from us or Universal. It was so dumb it was hard for me to reply to it.”

The former Roc-A-Fella Records CEO also denied speculation that he demanded an executive position directly with Universal, as opposed to his current deal set in place. Dash said there weren’t any complications between himself and the label over money or the direction of the DDMG.

“It sounds like somebody leaked some stupid s**t,” he explained. “And somebody chose to write about it without any facts.”

Dash continues to manage several post-Roc projects, including Beanie Sigel’s album The B.Coming and Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s A Son: Unique. In addition, he revealed M.O.P. is still on his roster of artists and that the rowdy Brooklyn crew hasn’t signed to the 50 Cent-helmed G-Unit Records, as originally believed.

“That’s another rumor,” said Dash of M.O.P. leaving DDMG. The mogul’s assertion counters published comments from M.O.P. manager Laze E. Laze and a new song with 50 Cent and M.O.P., "Big Boy Game," is in circulation on the internet and streets. Still, no contractual information has been revealed by either party.

The self-proclaimed “Cake-a-holic” has appeared in the press regularly as of late, as Dash has had to promote The B.Coming in place of the incarcerated rapper and A Son:Unique for the late ODB. But the entrepreneur isn’t worried about wearing out his welcoming with the media.

“What I’m doing for Beanie ain’t about a dollar figure,” he said. “It’s the responsibility you do for a crew member. I’d do that for my family and my brother.”

Dash expects ODB’s album to be released this summer, and plans for the lead video, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” featuring Macy Gray, are on under way. Until then, the Harlem hustler intends to let his company’s results speak for themselves.

“Look at how things are when I’m there,” Dash said. “And then you look at things when I’m not there. Just compare the things. And that’s the reality of things.”