Dame Dash's Ex Files Complaint

Dame Dash’s

ex-girlfriend Linda Williams filed a complaint with the New York Police Department,

alleging the mogul roughed her up over the weekend.

Williams said she

went to pick up their 12-year-old son in Harlem over the weekend. Dash allegedly

refused to let the boy leave.

When Williams attempted

to take the boy, Dash and a bodyguard allegedly knocked her to the ground and

took the boy away in a limousine.

Police are investigating

and no charges have been filed. According to the New York Daily News, the incident

may lead to a court appearance for Dash, as Williams is going to court today

seeking custody of the boy.

A lawyer for Williams

stated frankly that Williams wanted custody of the child and that she was going

to court today to regain custody of the 12-year-old because of the incident.

According to published

reports, Dash has hired a video crew to follow Williams, in hopes of gaining

information for their upcoming custody battle. It was not immediately known

if any videotape of the alleged incident exists.

Dash was awarded

custody of the boy in September of 2002. Dash and Williams have been fighting

over visitation rights.