Dame Dash Snags Pro-Keds, Aiming At Ipod

Consummate businessman Dame Dash recently revealed

that Roc-A-Fella has purchased Pro-Keds Sneaker Company, a footwear staple that

was founded in 1949. The State Property shoe, which was promoted by Beanie Sigel,

was produced by Pro-Keds and experienced moderate success.

Details and terms of the purchase were not available

at press time, but co-CEO Kareem "Biggs" Burke told AllHipHop.com

that Pro-Keds had been purchased a few months ago. He also stated that the acquisition

would present several new styles in the near future.

In February of 2004, Pro-Keds released the State

Property Shoe line in colors to match the clothing line's various outfits.

Sigel said his initial interest in working with

Pro-Keds was fueled by childhood memories of wearing the sneakers, which were

popular in the Hip-Hop community during the 1970's.

"Pro-Keds are the original sneakers,"

Sigel said in February of 2004. "Back in the days everyone had Pro-Keds.

We grew up with them. These joints are crazy. All kinds of different flavors."

In addition to aspiring to top the sneaker industry,

Burke said that Roc Digital, a Roc-A-Fella related enterprise, was developing

an MP3 player designed to compete with Apple's industry leading Ipod.

Dash has been expanding his empire, having recently

opened Planet Roc, a record label based in England that has already signed UK-based

rap group SAS.