Dame Dash To Retire, Says He Stopped Nas

Dame Dash,

CEO of Roc-A-Fella Records said that he was going into semi retirement at Freeway's

listening party in New York City yesterday (June 27), and would pass his duties

to Beanie Sigel and Cam'ron, making the latter a Vice President due to his business

acumen. "When Jay was first out, I was in everything," Dame said.

"I was in every studio session, I went to every radio interview, I was

in every video and I can’t do that anymore. I did it for Jay but I can’t

do it for every artist.”

Dash said that he plans on focusing on Roc-A-Wear,

the extremely successful clothing line. “I haven’t officially announced

it, and its not like I’m not going to be there. But, I have so many albums

to put out. I have 21 artists and I cannot [handle it all].

Dash also shed light on the re-ignited beef between

Nas and Jay-Z. Nas left Hot 97's Summer Jam furious when officials there refused

to let Nas perform a simulated lynching during his Diss to Jay, "Ether."

After Angie Martinez and Funkmaster Flex went on the radio and said the lynching

was the reason Nas couldn't perform, Dame said otherwise. “Who do you think

made that phone call? I just wanted to aggravate [Nas],” he said. “I

can’t rap, but I can get at him though.” Dame also said that he didn't

think Nas would get so angry over his not being able to perform.