Damn Plax...This Has to Hurt...

AllHipHop Staff

Earlier today, former New York Giant, Plaxico Burress, pleaded guilty to weapons charges which will land him in jail for a minimum of 20 months and two years of supervised release (plea agreement). It was best that he took this route because if this case went to trial, he faced a minimum of 3 ½ years in prison if convicted.

Damn Plax, you just celebrating a Superbowl championship ten months before the incident at the Latin Quarter nightclub in ’08. Plax, you just inked a 35 million dollar contract months before this incident. Plax, you fought so hard to achieve any success you’ve obtained, and now, this?

People would say you had your reasons for walking into the club that night with a loaded weapon. You have a family to take care of that can’t afford for the breadwinner not to make it back home. Maybe you felt that you owed it to your teammates, especially Eli Manning who couldn’t throw a party without you, let alone a completed pass for the rest of the season.

One week prior to the incident, your Giants teammate, David Tyree was said to have been robbed at gunpoint by his driver. So you had your reasons.

But damn Plax, these are the very reasons why you shouldn’t have been strapped that night. The judiciary system could care less about why you’ve acted in such a way. And almost a day after you were charged, Mayor Bloomberg saw an opportunity to separate you from your stardom, while placing you up on a cracked pedestal as an example to others. It’s sad to say it but you gave him the example to speak upon. If others would take heed to it is another story.

Sentencing begins on September 22, 2009. Damn, didn’t another NFL star get released this spring? Damn Plax, in the great words of Ludacris when rapping was his full-time job, “Do your time homey; don’t let your time do you.”

Will “Deshair™” Foskey is a journalist/blogger from New Jersey. His blog “The Race to Nowhere” was launched this past June to rave reviews.