Damon Dash Addresses Confronting Lee Daniels Over Alleged $2 Million Loan

Watch the entertainment mogul's sit down with DJ Felli Fel.

(AllHipHop News) A video of Damon Dash stepping to Lee Daniels at a Diana Ross concert went viral. The clip garnered so much attention because Dash was seen demanding the filmmaker repay a supposed $2 million loan.

Dame stopped by Power 106, and he was asked about the confrontation. The Culture Vultures author said, "We've gone to court about it, and I haven't really had the pleasure of having a face-to-face with him in about a decade."

He continued, "So I ran into him and I made sure that he couldn't say I wasn't doing anything violent. I just wanted an explanation as to why he thinks he doesn't have to pay me back and what about our relationship justifies that, because we never had a fallout."

News also broke this week that Dash is once again suing Daniels. This time the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder is seeking $5 million for not getting a producer credit on a canceled biopic about Richard Pryor.

No. 1-1

Dame deserves his money! Dame invested in this shady ass nigga when white folks and hollywood didn't give a fuck about him. Lee Daniels is also another one of these niggas who makes money off a shittin' on other Black folk(Monique) and making films or television that make us look SO dysfunctional and ignorant.