Damon Dash Files $5 Million Lawsuit Against Lee Daniels

The two moguls' years-long legal conflict continues.

(AllHipHop News)Empire creator Lee Daniels became a Twitter trending topic on Tuesday. People on the social media platform were reacting to a viral video of Damon Dash confronting Daniels at a Diana Ross concert.

The tense face-to-face was the result of Dash being upset that the filmmaker allegedly didn't repay a $2 million loan used to finance the movie The Woodsman and other projects. A lawsuit over the dispute was reportedly settled in 2015.

Dash said at the time:

United we stand…divided is not an option…some times you have to bring the war to get to the peace…war is the last resort but sometime necessary but at the end of the day I’m not trying to fight unless I have to…as a culture we moving together it’s the only way…now let’s get to work makes no sense for us to fight over success it’s to be shared with the people that helped you get there…I walk that like I talk it….

Billboard reports Dash is filing another suit against Daniels. This time the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder is seeking $5 million because he supposedly was not given producer credit on a nixed Richard Pryor biopic.

The suit reads, in part:

Although Mr. Daniels did in fact become a writer, director and producer of the 'Pryor Film' as per numerous industry publications, Defendants never informed Plaintiff of the film’s progress, or made any commercially reasonable efforts to obtain the EP consideration (including alternative, mutually-agreed upon, comparable consideration) that he was legally obligated to secure. Furthermore, it has been commonly reported amongst reputable sources that Mr. Daniels unilaterally departed from the 'Pryor Film' ultimately ending the production.