Damon Dash Loses Bid To Spend More Time With His 11-Year-Old Daughter

A judge has finally ruled, and it was not really in Dame's favor.

(AllHipHop News) Damon Dash has lost his bid to spend more time with his 11-year-old daughter.

Dame and his ex-wife Rachel Roy have been locked in a custody battle over the child.

In April, Damon marched into court and requested he be able to spend more time with his daughter Tallulah.

Dame said he was worried about Rachel Roy's behavior in front of the child, citing her drinking.

Last week, Rachel Roy countered and claimed that Dame was mentally abusing his children, and smoking weed in front of them.

A judge has finally ruled on the case, and decided that despite the salacious claims from both parties, there is no need to augment or change the current custody agreement that is currently in place.

The rap mogul is not out of the clear just yet with his ex's.

Dame is still fighting with the mother of his children in court, over back child support bills running into the millions.

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Another real life example of why not to marry or impregnate anyone and be compromised in family court.


Dame can't fast talk his way out of this one..lol


another black deadbeat dad. pay yo money you bum