Damon Dash’s Car Smashed In Accident

Damon Dash’s Mercedes-Benz was inadvertently involved in a serious car accident on Tuesday that injured six people in mid-town Manhattan.

According to the New York Daily News, police officers approached a pair of men that were arguing on Broadway near West 40th Street in Manhattan. After requesting ID from one of the men, a powdery white substance fell out of an envelope that was in the vehicle. Hugo Palomino, the driver of the SUV, immediately drove away from the scene with a police officer hanging from the window.

Palomino’s SUV hit an armored car and then smashed into Dash’s car. The mogul wasn’t in the car, but according to the New York Daily News he reportedly darted outside shirtless to check the damage.

Palomino allegedly injured six bystanders as his car careened out of control. Upon his arrested, Palomino was charged with drug possession, assault and leaving the scene of an accident.