Damon Dash's Ex's Scramble To Get A Piece Of Hip-Hop Mogul's Huge Settlement

Damon is going to have to pay one way or the other.

(AllHipHop News) Damon Dash's issues with back child support are causing some drama for "Empire" creator Lee Daniels.

In April of 2015, Dame scored a $5 million settlement from Lee Daniels after a protracted dispute over money he was owed after investing in several of Daniels' early film projects.

It looks Lee Daniels a few years to pay up, but after some pressure from Dame, the pair came to an agreement in November of 2018.

But Damon is having a well-publicized battle over a $65,000 bill for back child support to Cindy Morales and another $850,000 which is owed to his ex-wife, Rachel Roy.

According to Lee Daniels, both women are seeking to get a cut of the settlement money, and he's not sure who he has to pay first.

So, Lee Daniels is asking a judge to help sort out by tomorrow, when he's supposed to fork over another payment towards his settlement agreement with Damon.

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