Damon Dash Seeking To Prevent Lee Daniels From Paying Off His Child Support Bill

The rap boss is fighting for his money in court, as he ex-girlfriend and wife seek to get what's owed to them.

(AllHipHop News) The fight over a few million bucks owed to Damon Dash is still roaring in court, as both of his ex's attempt to get portions of the settlement Lee Daniels owed to the rap mogul.

Damon settled a $5 million settlement from "Empire" creator Lee Daniels in April, over money the hit TV producer owed for a series of movies Dame helped finance.

Last week, Lee Daniels had to go to court to ask a judge to help him figure out just who to give the money to after Cindy Morales came forward saying Dame still owed her $65,000.

And his ex-wife wanted her cut as well since Damon was facing an arrest warrant for failing to pay her over $850,000 owed in back support to his ex-wife, Rachel Roy.

Now, Damon has filed legal documents saying he is disputing the amount he actually owes to the women, a number he claims has been grossly inflated.

Damon claims he owes them much less than they are trying to get out of Lee Daniels and his filing is asking a judge to keep Lee Daniels from giving Cindy Morales or Rachel Roy a single penny until the dispute is squared away.

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You ain’t crap lee Daniels pay Damon dash man..