Damon Dash Teams With Robert Deniro's Tribeca Films For Larry Davis Flick

Mogul Damon Dash

has teamed with Tribeca Productions partners Robert DeNiro and Jane Rosenthal

to produce a drama based on the life of convicted murderer, Larry Davis.Davis

became infamous in 1986 at the age of 19, when the NYPD launched one of the largest

manhunts in the history of New York state. Davis was accused of murdering at least

six drug-dealers and led police on an intensive 17-day manhunt. He

became involved in a massive shoot-out with police, wounding nine officers before

surrendering. In

1987, Davis was acquitted on all counts of attempted murder for firing on the

officers, but was convicted of possession of an illegal weapon and sentenced to

5-15 years in prison. In 1991, he was convicted for murdering a Bronx drug dealer.


becomes eligible for parole in 2016. According to representatives for Dash, the

studio and producers are finalizing a deal with a writer.Dash

has also teamed with documentary makers Marc Levin and Richard Stratton to produce

a film about Joe Stassi, who served as a go-between for modern day mob architects

Charles "Lucky" Luciano and Meyer Lansky.Negotiations

recently began with producer Henry Winterstern of First Look Studios to produce

the untitled film.Finally,

Damon Dash is working on a fact-based film about a female-based film about a female

fight club in Brooklyn, New York where women fight for money.