Damon Dash Thankful His Mansion Is Still Standing Amidst Wildfires In L.A.

The Roc-A-Fella boss is thanking god his property did not go up in flames.

(AllHipHop News) Rap mogul Damon Dash has expressed gratitude after his Los Angeles pad miraculously survived a blazing wildfire.

According to Dame, his residence in Los Angeles was threatened by the wildfire, which is consuming the equivalent of 100 football fields per minute in some areas.

Thankfully for Damon Dash, his house managed to remain standing, even though the homes in the other area were completely burned to the ground.

"At the end of the day we did what we had to do and got outta there and I just knew the house burned down cause we saw the flames," Dame said. "I was ok with it because everything I love was safe...yesterday we found out that every house in the neighborhood burned down but ours... a miracle!...you really have to appreciate every moment and live life to the fullest...I feel for every person that lost a house...our day could have been so much different...our life...thank you to everyone that checked in. Were good and my house is good appreciate everything and everybody! #staytuned."

So far, 29 people have died in the wildfire, 228 people are missing and hundreds of homes have burned to the ground, including properties owned by Caitlyn Jenner and actor Gerard Butler.

And over the weekend, Lil Pump and Kim Kardashian shared fears about their mansions as well as they evacuated their homes