Dancing Hungarian Police Cleared Of Wrongdoing

The two Hungarian

police officers that were recorded dancing and making lewd gestures have reportedly

been cleared of wrong doing and will not suffer punishment for their shenanigans.The

:55 second clip titled "Bajai Hip-Hop" was recorded using a mobile phone

and features the officers in police uniform, dancing to Marky Mark Wahlberg's

1991 hit, "Good Vibrations." The

officers attempt several outdated Hip-Hop dances, including the "Running

Man," which was popularized by MC Hammer and the "Kid-N-Play Kickstep,"

which was made famous by rap group Kid-N-Play. After

some chuckling, one of the officers gyrates and flashes a middle finger at the

camera, before walking off screen.The

clip hit YouTube last week and was viewed thousands of time. The online exposure

and coverage in the local Hungarian media placed the officers under scrutiny by

their immediate superiors. "This

started as a funny thing but now we are getting questions about it," police

spokesman Tamas Nyikos told Reuters last week.Police

have concluded the investigation of the officers.