David Banner Gives Away Education, Barred From Former College

Rapper's are learning

to side step bootleggers and Internet piracy by placing contest pieces in their

CD's, in which lucky fans can win cars, cash, jewelry and other lucrative rewards.

David Banner will

have a contest for his latest CD, MTA2-Baptized In Dirty Water. Banner

will give five lucky fans a chance to further their education by offering five

$10,000 scholarships.

"I come from

an under-privileged background in Jackson, Mississippi," David Banner said.

"I struggled to get my undergrad and then my Masters degree and now that

I've 'made it' I am blessed with the ability to give back."

Five game pieces

will be placed randomly in the first 300,000 copies of the album. If the lucky

winner doesn't wish to further their education, Banner is requesting that they

give the piece to a family member that will.

"I partially

credit owning my own business and making it in the record industry as an entrepreneur,

producer, and artist to having an education," Banner continued. "I

want to make it easier for others to continue theirs."

All prize claims

must be received no later than February 28, 2004.

In related news,

Banner attempted to give a homecoming concert at Southern University, but was

rejected by the school's administration.

Banner, who was

the Student Government Association president at SU, said that he was going to

give the concert for the university for free, but protests arose when parents

at a high school complained about Banner's possible performance.

Banner said that

he was considering a concert outside of the University for the students, free

of cost.