David Banner Inks $10 Million Dollar Deal With SRC

Platinum producer (Trick Daddy, Pastor Troy, Snoop

Dogg, Lil Flip, etc) and rapper from Jackson, Mississippi, David Banner, inked

a $10 million dollar deal with the Steve Rifkind Company/Universal Records Group

this week.

After a bidding war with a variety of labels,

Banner chose SRC.

"Rifkind has an incredible track record

and is a marketing genius," Banner told AllHipHop.com. "SRC just bought

part of Mosaic (Jim Carey, Dick Clark Productions, etc) that will give me access

to film, television, endorsements, and sponsorships. Why wouldn't I want to

be partners with that since that is the wave of the future for artists?"

Wendy Day who negotiated the deal for Banner

added, "I had no idea that all of Banner's hard work would pay off THIS

well for him. I attribute it to his incredible production, his ear, his willingness

to listen and work hard, and giving the fans what they want."

Banner's deal calls for $2 million dollars per

album delivered to SRC, for five albums.

"He has worked very hard to get to this

point, and I am very proud of how he's run his Big Face label and what he has

accomplished. I have not been this excited about a project since Eminem or Cash

Money, and I am so happy to see the major labels are back to bidding on multi-million

dollar deals. This, along with 50 Cent's recent sales, is a positive sign for

the economy of the music business."