David Banner Lands Role Alongside Samuel L. Jackson In Flick 'Black Snake Moan'


David Banner is taking a step from behind the microphone and mixing board to

make his acting debut along side Samuel L. Jackson in the Craig Brewer directed

film “Black Snake Moan.”

The movie is a

tale about a white woman who is a nymphomaniac and must be cured of her disorder

by a black bluesman.

"I'm really

happy with the role," David Banner told AllHipHop.com. "I feel blessed

that my debut role is a major one, starring beside someone as great as Samuel

L. Jackson."

“Black Snake

Moan” is slated to start shooting in October and also stars Christina

Ricci and Justin Timberlake. Brewer directed the critically acclaimed movie

“Hustle & Flow.”

"My character

is one of the few people in the town besides Lazarus [played by Samuel L. Jackson]

that really understands this woman," Banner said of his role, "He's

a hustler but No one else believes in her and they all kind of get down on her.

It's a real cool movie"

Although the plot may seem simple, the actual story behind it is much more complex,

according to director Craig Brewer.

"This is a

movie where we are taking some of the most sexual and racially charged imagery

where you look deeper and you find that these are human beings, but it is also

a movie that deals this wave of sexual addiction;" director Craig Brewer

told blackfilm.com in

a recent interview about the movie. "It shows that there are so many things

that have collided but that is ultimately what makes us all family. It makes

us connected to each other where normally we wouldn't be connected."

Banner has also been tapped by Cartoon Network to create an untitled cartoon

that will appear in the Adult Swim block next season.

"The cartoon

is going to be really funny," Banner told AllHipHop.com. "It's really

going to push the envelope as far as the topics we are touching on."

The cartoon will

not only feature David Banner, but fellow southern producers Jazzy Pha and Mannie


"It's about

a white family and a black family living in modern day North Mississippi but

the white family's mind set is that of 1869 and no matter what you do it won't

change, they still think and talk the way they would in 1869, so it's really

pushing it," Banner said. "My character is a member of black rock

band who works at Sonic, but he is moving upward and is in direct conflict with

the white family. I think that it's really going to push the envelope and address

the issue of race relations in America, even if we don't want to."

With his new upcoming acting projects, Banner says he is taking a break from

music to focus on his craft and to get some much needed rest.

"Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a workaholic," Banner said.

"I am just going to use this time while I am shooting the film to really

rest. I am totally focused on acting because that has always been my dream.

After we are done shooting, I am planning on starting the European tour to promote

Certified and dive back into the swing of things with music."

David Banner’s Certified hits stores September 20 on Universal.